Remember Seeing This 13-Year-Old Boy, Now He is Doing 2 Jobs Happily? He Now Owns A Food Stall Now!

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Many children are forced into begging by poverty to get rid of their hunger. While on the other hand there are some children who over burden themselves and work harder than they can to support their families along with their parents. We bring to you today a story of one such young boy.

Remember Abdul Waris, the 13-year-old young boy who sold donuts and homemade food to earn a living and help his family financially, He now has opened his very own food stall in Karachi!

Waris’s both parents are people with unique abilities, and cannot walk. Moreover, as he is the eldest sibling in the house, the responsibility to earn for the entire family solely falls on his shoulders.

Source: YouTube

He had been working in a local cloth market for the last 6 years. He would leave for work at 11 in the morning and would come back home at 9 pm. Two and a half months ago, he began selling his mother’s cooked food. In order to do sell the food, after coming back from his cloth market job, he now goes out to sell the food which his mom cooks.

Source: YouTube

After selling all the food items, this 13-year-old boy Abdul Waris returns to his home at around 2 am. Initially, he started off with only selling chai. He later sold donuts, gulab jamun, pizza bites and macaroni.

The 13 year old boy now owns his own food stall.

Source: YouTube

Waris can be seen selling a variety of food items, at Khilafat Roundabout in the Paposh Nagar area of Karachi.

Abdul Waris is doing 2 jobs to achieve his dreams of a good life for his family, through his hard work and tireless efforts, he wishes to one day educate all his siblings so they have a better and brighter future ahead of them.

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People like his little boy who wake up early and strive for a goal, have become a true inspiration for others. Our salute to him!

Source: YouTube

A few months back a video of another 10-year-old boy Zahid selling some samosas outside of a local hospital in Karachi’s F.B. Area went viral on social media. The boy was acknowledged with a lot of appreciation and love from everyone on social media for his hard work and for lending a helping hand to his family. A school principal in Karachi even vowed to bear his all educational expenses.

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