Romance Gone Wrong Viral Video – Professor Wife tries To Kiss Him During Zoom Class

Professor Shoos Wife Away Kissing
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A woman leaned in to kiss her off guard husband in a very hysterically funny video making social media rounds. It turned out that her husband, who is a professor, was currently taking a zoom class. Just you can imagine what happened next!

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, video teleconferencing systems such as Zoom have become important for staying linked. However, it has come with a fair share of embarrassing moments and amusing blunders as the success of the site grows.

Professor Shoos Wife Away Kissing

When a wife who came into the room to pick up some items, maybe in a well-intentioned moment of love, tried to plant a kiss on her husband while he was conducting a Zoom lesson, a similar blunder occurred.

The guy jerkily pulls his face away in shock and with very remarkable reflexes in the video, following it up with an unbelieving “What nonsense are you doing here?” The look of humiliated self-consciousness is evident all over the face of the professor.

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With the tragic role of the husband and the innocent failed attempt of the wife to show some love, the video has gained a lot of attention because of its hilarity. Although the source or date of the video are not clear yet, there could not have been a better time than around Valentine’s Day for it to go viral.

View the video here

Well, well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s definitely love in the air…

As individuals turn to video calling apps for school lessons, formal meetings, and other activities, Zoom has exploded in popularity since early this year. In our trials, with proceedings now being held online, it has also become the new standard.

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