Saboor Aly claims about her relationship with Ali Ansari.

Saboor Aly with Ali Ansari
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Saboor Aly is a versatile and hardworking actress from Pakistan. She is the sister of famous actress Sajal Aly. Saboor showed her brilliant performance in many Pakistani dramas including  “Rang Laaga”,” Bay Qasoor”, “Visaal”, “Mere Khudaya”, “Gul-o-Gulzar”, “Tum Ho Wajah” and most recent drama “Fitrat”. She has made a great place in the Pakistani Industry through her exceptional acting. Saboor has recently got engaged with Ali Ansari.

She also appeared in a BBC Urdu where she talked openly about her Baat Pakki with Ali Ansari.


Saboor Aly also justified that her engagement was not pre-planned and there was nothing between them when they appeared in Amir Liaquat’s show.

Saboor Ali She also confessed that the sister of Ali Ansari named Mariyam was a good friend of her and she many times has asked Saboor to get married to Ali. Saboor later talked to her sister Sajal about this. Sajal happily agreed and Saboor decided to tie a knot with Ali Ansari.

Saboor Aly

Saboor said that when she talked to Ali about this, she told him that she didn’t want to prolong this, talk for a while and then decide. She said, “I thought if I say this, the chapter will be closed but it didn’t happen”. To spice things up, Saboor didn’t even know what to wear when Ali Ansari came to her home along with his family.

Saboor AlySaboor Aly said that she asked Ali to think if he would surely want to make it official because she was scared, but now she feels lucky.

On the other hand, fans don’t believe Saboor’s claim of not being in a relationship with Ali when both the actors appeared in Aamir Liaquat’s Ramadan special game show Jeeway Pakistan.

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