Saudi Arabia Bans Flights Arriving From India

Fligths from India
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The past restrictions on travel for Pakistan have been lifted by the government of Saudi Arabia, as the Coronavirus outbreak have been controlled by Pakistan successfully. However, the complete flight schedule of flights arriving from India, Brazil and Argentina are not allowed in the premises due to the terrible condition of Corona Virus in most countries.

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Saudi authorities have issued a note to the pilots, they mentioned, “We should not place our local’s lives in danger by unbanning flights arriving from Argentina, India and Brazil”. Moreover, after Pakistan’s success in overcoming the never-ending effect of Covid-19, now Saudi Arabia has decided to relieve some restrictions regarding travel on the nation.

Saudi Arab announced on Sep 13, 2020 that they will lighten the restrictions related to travel from Jan 1, 2021. These type o restrictions and curfews were implied earlier in 2020 year due to the airborne disease.

In the previous days, A 3 phase plan was introduced by the government to lighten the restriction of Umrah system,  this also included allowing the overseas believers to enter the premises of the country in phase 3 plan. In the last month, Saudi government extended the restriction on the incoming of foreign flights into the country.