Self-Care Techniques For Female Sexual Problems

Female Sexual Problems
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Medical treatment is not always the solution to deal with your sexual issues. Sometimes, your problems can be solved merely with a bit openness and creativity in life.

Several issues can vanish themselves with time, it only requires some patience and understanding from both parties.

Also, the sexual problem can be solved by being more open to our partner. The percentage of females who interact about their sexual needs with their partners are ought to have a better chance to get satisfied in their sex life.

Thinking about a solution is more fun like partners should think of ways to add a slice of romance and intimacy in your sex life.

A few common strategies used by women to overcome this issue are:

  • A female should set their time aside to have a little alone quality time with their partner in the absence of their children and other distractions.
  • Erotic books and videos are a best way to increase the stimulation
  • Rising sexual arousal by masturbation
  • Creating fantasies to make you arouse sexually, if necessary, also discuss these fantasies with your partner.
  • Trying a different type of touch including some sensual massages.
  • Experiencing new sexual positions to add more intimacy
  • A warm bath is a relaxing before your sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal lubricant is an effective way to avoid arousal issues such as vaginal dryness.

Couples can gain guidance regarding sexual and communication issues by referring to some good books available in bookstores. “Do it yourself” is most preferred method by couples rather than discussing this issue with an outsider.

Medical Therapy for Female Sexual Problems

If their is a medical or physical condition involved in your sexual problems, then your health care specialist will give a more appropriate therapy. Every treatment will vary of course, because it depends on the nature of the issue. This therapy may include medicines, changes in routine or even surgery. The health care specialist may suggest any psychological counseling even if a physical issue is involved.

Some effective treatment for common physical problems:

  • Lubricants- Females are encouraged to use these products to overcome vaginal dryness. They are easily available is a normal drugstore without any prescription in all forms such as gels or creams. Water based products are more effective than oil based products such as mineral oil, baby oil or Vaseline. They can eventually interact with condoms and maye cause breakage at some point.

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  • Topical Estrogen- Vaginal dryness is a main issue during menopause so these products make your intercourse more comfortable. Basically, it is a used as a cream and are available by a prescription. A very effective method for especially old women.
  • Clitoral therapy device- This treatment is approved by the United States FDA to help women deal with their sexual issues. The device is constructed to have small battery-operated suction pump which is fixed on the clitoris before doing intercourse.
    The pressure on the clitoral nerve is raised by this product  which channels blood into the clitoris. This can even lead to increase in lubrication and orgasm level in many women. Also, it is only available by medical recommendation.
  • Medical Drugs- Men can treat their dysfunctional errection by using Sildenafil ,a well-known “Erection Drug”. This problem is very common among males but no similar medicine is available for females. This drug is also tested in females but the results were not definite.
    In research, this medicine helped arousal in few females but in other studies, it were not very effective. The side effects are noted to be same in both male and female such as irritation, headache, stomach ache and nasal congestion.
    Moreover, it can also cause low blood pressure at an extreme level, causing a lot of heart attacks in males. It can not be taken by males who have a heart condition and are utilizing a nitrate medicine, they both can cause a deadly reaction.
  • Wellbutrin- An antidepressant that is considered an effective drug for organismic disorders. Previous studies have confirmed its beneficent use among patients. Generally, more study is conducted to confirm potential role of Wellbutrin in female sexual disorders.

Other Therapy techniques:


There is a major issue faced by many individuals is the lack of sex education, your health care professional can educate you regarding sexual response and the elements to make increase sexual arousal. With such knowledge in their hand, a couple can now move forward in their own particular way.

Psychotherapy is identified as an effective solutions to daily life problems of a woman that are merely caused by sexual issues.

  • In a few females this problem is very direct such as any previous sexual mishap such as rape, sexual abuse or other traumatic incidents.
  • While in some, the issue is not very clear to identify such as an unresolved emotional stress or any discomfort in other spheres of life.
  •  In both of the cases, the health care specialist is more concerned to reset the female’s attitude regarding her sex life.
  • The main aim to get rid of all the previous negative attitudes that is hampering the joyful experience of sexual intercourse. Thus, focusing more on new attitudes to increase sexual arousal.

Couples counseling is recommended if there is any relationship issue.

The couples are guided according to their respective issue. The therapist are trained and are experienced to solve such problems.

  • Initially, the therapist is suppose to locate for the problematic areas in the relationship.
  • Particular exercises and activities are recommended by the counselor to improve trust and communication in a couple’s relationship.
  • If these issues are contained then sexual issues can be solved easily with time.

Sex therapy

The sex counselor can even goa bit overboard by focusing more on couple’s sexual relation. Initially, the sexual problem is identified among couple’s attitude and the counsellor advises the couple to refocus their attention and expectations. Few of the objectives are given in the following:

  • Focusing of limiting distractions and relaxing your body.
  • Learning positive way of communication of your choice
  • Nonsexual touching methods are encouraged
  • Increasing sexual arousal among couples
  • Minimize pains during sex

Sex counsellors use a very common exercise, well-known as “sensate focus” to treat these sex issues. Initially, the exercise starts with nonsexual touching and the couple is encouraged to open up regarding their sexual desires. The main goal is for both partners to recognize and communicate their sexual preference.

Vaginismus is also solved by exercises recommended by the therapist:

  • The most famous method is the Kegel exercise among the women. Many women are educated regarding this during childbirth classes. It involves voluntary contraction and relaxation of vaginal muscles.
  • Dilators are used to relax the vaginal spasms in some women. Initially, a small dilator is inserted in the vagina for 10 mins and later on removed. This is then followed by large dilators to train vaginal muscles for sometime. The success rate can be increased by following Kegel exercises.