Shahid Afridi came to Mohammad Amir’s rescue after he was abused by Afghan player Naveen Ul Haq & People Are Loving Lala

Shahid Afridi Lala showing support for his teammate Mohammad Amir against Naveen Ul Haq is such a "bara bhai" vibe.

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Sports is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants, and in some cases, spectators.

The ongoing Lanka Premiere League 2020 soon after PSL V has been nothing small of entertaining and dramatic for cricket lovers everywhere. Few clashes often happen, which added chaos in the match and things get pretty messed up.

Last night at LPL 2020 match between Galle Gladiators and Kandy Tuskers, things get pretty messed up.

As Kandy Tuskers win their first match at LPL 2020 by comfortable 25 runs. The dispute has been started by Afghan player Naveen Ul Haq as he was struck for boundaries by Mohd Amir. He kept on abusing Mohd Amir and added more drama for the cricketing fans.

Afghan Bowler, Naveen Ul Haq gone wild after he was struck for boundaries by Mohd Amir.

Shahid Afridi came to support Mohd Amir and gave Naveen Ul Haq the glare and the fans are loving it.

Soon after the match ended, players were greeting each other. Shahid Afridi aggressively asks Naveen ” KIA HOGYA HAI”.

As things get pretty aggressive last night. Shahid Afridi, Mohd Amir, Naveen Ul Haq and LPL were the most trending discussion on Twitter, Facebook and on social media.


Fans and People all across Pakistan are questioning about the disrespectful behaviour of Afghans Players as they were specially trained to abuse and mock Pakistan Cricket Players.

In a reply, Pakistani Fans are comparing the moment when Afghans Player often cries after losing with Pakistan and still we show mercy and great sport spirit to them.

Jannat Mirza in a tweet mocks Naveen Ul Haq for copying Lala’s style.

More on, She further says ” Afridi is a legend. And you are Namakharams everyone knows. So Apni aukat na bhoolo. “

As expected, Hatred Shown by few Afghans Fans and making it personal between Pakistan vs Afghanistan.

But overall, fans are adoring the kind gesture of Shahid Afridi towards Mohammad Amir.

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