Shoaib Akhtar slams PSL6 anthem, Saying that he could have sung it better

shoaib akhtar slams psl6 anthem
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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for Pakistan Super League (PSL) 6 Anthem Groove Mera was slammed by Shoaib Akhtar, saying that he could have sung it better.

The Rawalpindi Express has reported that the “worst anthem” ever is Groove Mera.

Akhtar said in a video posted on his YouTube channel that his children are scared of the song as well, so he uses it to make them sleep.

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“My children are terrified by this album. I tell them I’ll play it for them while they’re not sleeping. That frightens them immediately,’ he said.

Akhtar continued: “The lyrics of the song, or the song itself, I failed to understand.” What does it mean to groove? What’s the groove? I’m sure the singers didn’t even know the meaning of the word groove, either.

The former bowler, however, said that the musicians, as they were only doing their job, had little to do with the album.

“Shoaib also mocked the Young Stunners’ costumes in the song, saying: “What did you do? You hid our Chief Selector Mohammad Waseem’s clothes, and you dressed the rappers in them.’

The right-arm bowler said that instead of taking the criticism to heart, the PCB should make a stronger song next time.

Next time, make a better album, and if you can’t, let me know that I’m going to sing it for you,” he concluded.”

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Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners are featured in Groove Mera (Talha Yunus & Talha Anjum).

Earlier in the day, when asked about the reaction of the people to the song, Lal sang with excitement a few lines from the anthem.

Naseebo also thanked Zulfiqar Khan, the song’s producer, better known as Xulfi, for bringing something “different and unique to the table.” She also expressed her gratitude to all those who enjoyed her success, saying she felt “really honoured” to be able to sing for the PSL.

For my singing career, this was a rare opportunity and I thank God for it. I had no idea about it when I was first approached and figured it would be just another hit. Nevertheless, I was shocked when it turned out that it was a “item” song for the PSL,” she remarked, adding: “Even though it was catchy and Xulfi composed the song according to my [singing] style of a different genre.

Meanwhile, Lal said in another interview: “I never thought that it would become so popular, and because of Allah, all this success.” I couldn’t believe it when the PCB called me. Since I have never before been given an anthem.

Lal also shared how she worried that the song would fail.

The singer said, “I was so afraid that people wouldn’t like it, but they loved it and I am so grateful.”

When 10 of the PSL’s worst songs are collected, the song will be number one. Do you have any guilt at all? “the former cricketer asked.