The Internet Can’t Just look at Mia Khalifa’s Latest Gross Video – This Is horrible!

Mia Khalifa
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Social media persuader and former adult star Mia Khalifa has once again gone viral but this time for a very not-so-shocking but horrible video. You too will be grossed out!

The Internet was left feeling shocked to the heart after watching the latest video of the persuader that has risen on social media. As it comes, the Lebanese-American took her puppy out for a leisurely walk. However, the little pup certain it could not hold it in any longer.

Mia Khalifa
Source: Instagram

In the awful video, Khalifa can be seen using her mask to select up her dog’s poo. But wait… that is not even the horrible part. After selecting it up and throwing it in the bin, she literally put the mask back on her face. Well, before too long the video went viral.

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In fact, you know what, even the pup was wearisome a mask. However, she used her own mask to pick and choose up its poo. The 27-year-old impenitently took off her mask, scooped up the perceptible poo before dipping it in a close by bin.

Can you people even think? She actually put back on the very mask and continued her walk like nothing ever happened. Khalifa is very well-known on the internet based on what she used to do, this latest video of her came out as a gross shock to many.

Lets show you the Viral Video

Khalifa‘s dog poop video on Tik Tok went viral. Furthermore, it has gained millions of viewed before showing up on other such social media platforms. The video was innitially posted by the famous TikTok star Benny Blanco who posted it with a caption, “I just saw @miakhalifa put poop on her face”.

But watch how Mia Khalifa responds

While responding to all the shock, the persuader said on her Instagram story, “At least I’m not an anti-masker.”

Khalifa added on her own account that “I just came back from traveling and I have to walk my dog so, safety first, everyone has to wear a mask.”

In addition to this, she also wrote that please don’t shame me for wearing a mask and also for not littering, which is infact the LAW in West Hollywood.”

The Internet is a funny avenue. According to most people, the video appears to be like a joke, with both the parties looking for promotion. However, others think that they just witnessed something actually wicked On the other hand, some called it a mere act LOL.

From what it seems, it does not really seem like a joke or any such act; she exactly put on the poo mask back on her face. Who on earth does that!

The former Lebanese-American adult star last year took up a social trend by doing the “Gonna Tell My Kids” trend and trolling the Nobel peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai. She once even compared herself to the prize winner Yousafzai leaving everyone speechless.

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