The Top Bizarre Places On Earth.

The Earth is mysterious. Want to know the most mysterious places on Earth?

mysterious places on earth
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The Earth which was found 4.5 billion years ago and is filled with undiscovered and obscure places that are so magnificent and beyond the mind of an average human. And do you know that humans have only discovered 65% of the earth and the rest is under the blanket of mysteries?

How many years would it take humans to discover every little bit of the Earth? Here are some of the bizarre places discovered but are still an enigma to us.

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermudas triangle is also known as the devil’s triangle. It’s the world’s most well-known bizarre place with its un-explainable occurring events around it. It is an island located in the western part of the North Atlantic ocean. The reason it’s popular because of the paranormal activities around it.

bermuda triangle

Any ship or boat which has gotten near it has not to be seen again. Some say it is the work of a demon which is connected to hell and some say it’s because of the magnetic field around it. Its place in the list of most bizarre places on the Earth is well-deserved.

The Mysterious Darvaza gas crater

The gates of hell located near the village of Darvaza (door in Urdu). The largest gas reserve is found there. When we imagine hell we see glowing flames and a burning floor and it is the spitting image of what we think is hell, that’s why it’s given the name of Gate of hell or Door to hell.

You can see the glowing flames from far away even in the darkness of night in the sand. This is one of the most unexplained and bizarre places on the earth.

Lake Hillier 

The lake consisting of the calming flamingo pink color which is the most saline lake in the world found on an island of Australia. It’s hemmed on the skirt of sand and paperbark trees.

The Lake hillier is formed due to the lack of an organism called Dunaliella salina (miro-algae). To get a great view of this lake drones or the means air is the best option. In the past, it was mainly used to collect salt.

The Mysterious Island of the Dolls

An island in which hundreds of dolls are found hanged everywhere on the trees, roofs, and the walls. They were mainly hung in the remembrance of a small girl found drowned in the lilies of a canal. A farmer found her body and a doll was floating near the girl. So, he hung dolls in remembrance and to keep the evil spirits away.

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But unfortunately, soon he died of a heart attack and it is said his body was found in the same place where the girl was found. When you look at the place it puts shivers down your spine. But the mystery is that why would a stranger would do that and how can an old man alone put hundreds of dolls alone?


A landscape consisting of 90 huge jars in one site and each site contains 400 jars. Their shape is cylindrical wide at the bottom and covered by a lid which is made of stone. They are undercoated with different carvings on them. the meanings of the carvings mostly mean frog, tiger, and monkey. And are dated from 500BC to 200BC. Isn’t it the most mysterious place?