The Weight Loss Journey of Anoushay Abbasi which stunned everyone

Anoushay Abbasi
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Anoushay Abbasi a name which needs no introduction,she has served a lot more to the industry with her tremendous acting skills, she has make her comeback this year in the dramas with superb transformation and stunned everyone.

anoushay abbasi a gorgeous lady

weight loss journey of anoushay abbasi

Anoushay Abbasi worked in lot of dramas and ruled on many hearts. The cute chubby actress is now transformed into a glamorous lady.

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In Nida Yasir’s show Good Morning Pakistan, Anoushay shares the journey of her weight loss.

beautiful anoushay abbasi

gorgeous anoushay abbasi after transformation

“I changed my eating routine at first, I don’t like to do exercise so I took a start from swimming.” Anoushay shared


Anoushay Abbasi was a cute chubby girl who has now transformed into a gorgeous young lady.

Anoushay shared,

“I changed the time of my food at first, I don’t like to do exercise so I started doing swimming.I was not addicted of eating sweet thing but fond of fizzy drinks and junk food, now I eat everything. Diet impacts a significant role in losing weight so it’s important to control it as well as you need to do some kind of exercise with it. I changed the time of my food. In breakfast i use to drink healthy juices which are very beneficial for the body. In lunch I usually eat steamed vegetables or sometimes yogurt. Most importantly what I was eating before reduces it into the half portion. In short I can say that healthy diet not only loses your weight but also gives energy to the body.”



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