This “Cherish” moment between Shaheen Afridi & Haris Rauf has been made into a hilarious meme by Pakistanis

Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi were unable to conceal their adorable love, and now it's a meme.

Haris Rauf & Shaheen Afridi PSL
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In a stunning development few nights ago, Lahore Qalandars secured their place for the 2020 Pakistan Super League Final. In general, the team was the butt of several jokes for being one of the worst performers in PSL history. But with 2020 being the year of the unforeseen, it was certainly proved so by Lahore Qalandars.

Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi were among the star players who led Lahore Qalandars to a historic victory.

Though Shaheen has proven himself to be a good player, Haris, in particular, has become a stunning performer with a brilliant yorker having taken out the legendary Shahid Afridi. By apologizing to Shahid, he celebrated and cemented his place in the hearts of fans throughout the world.

Haris Rauf & Shaheen Afridi PSL

Well the Lahore Qalandars team took this impressive show of sportsmanship to victory against Multan Sultans and gave them a spot in the finals against Karachi.

Only look at the joy on the face of Fawad Rana, the owner of Lahore Qalandars,

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The guy certainly had to wait for this moment.

Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi had a cute moment of intimacy during the celebration, caught by the cameras.

Haris Rauf & Shaheen Afridi PSL
Source: PTV Sports

Of course, Pakistanis have considered this moment to be very meme-worthy.

And just like that, Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi became part of the Pakistani Internet Corpus of Memes.

People just couldn’t avoid making crazy jokes at the moment, so we scoured Twitter’s lengths and widths to curate the best ones just for you.

Crossover jokes about another viral “intimate” moment from last night were also present.

And there were Shaadi jokes, of course,

One thing is undeniable, there is a killer sense of humour among Pakistanis and it translates into their superior meme abilities. Guess, Pakistanis have learned to use laughter as a coping mechanism by having to rule over the endless adversities that life throws our way.

Anyway, this just makes us even more pumped about the Tuesday, November 17 showdown that will be one for the history books. Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings are playing in the final. Some have called this match the entire reason for the formation of the PSL, and frankly, this match is certainly looking like a shiny, enjoyable thing to look forward to with the way 2020 has been so far.

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