Top 5 Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2020

Clothing Brands in Pakistan
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Top 5 Clothing Brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the clothing varies from culture to culture, state to state and city to city. Pakistani culture is very rich in every sense. Pakistani clothes represent the cultural demographics of Pakistan. Each and every culture represents a unique and distinctive style that gives people their identity. Pakistani clothes are famous for their quality and branding all over the world.

In the modern world, people are now very conscious about what they are wearing and their looks. Pakistan has was markets with a leading number of brands working. These brands work on modern-day fashion designing practices and offer best stitching, texture, and fashion designs. Here are some top Pakistani brands:

  1. Nishat

Number one Clothing brand In Pakistan in our list is Nishat, as it is the most selling brand in all over Pakistan. The Pakistan women of every age group are in love with this brand and they are always in wait for new arrivals. The quality of the Nishat is uncompromised. Customer reviews are always positive and customer satisfaction rate is always height. This brand is famous for lawn prints with astonishing floral designs.

  1. Cross Stitch

As the name of the brand is self-reflecting. It provides swing and counters shaped embroidery fabric. They are the specialist in this area of clothing. This brand has emerged on the top in a short period of time. Their outlets and customer supports services are best in Pakistan. They always offer something unique in style and quality. 

  1. Bareeze

Bareeze stands third in our list, as it is one of the most popular brands in all over Pakistan. Its specialty is exquisite embroidery. The brand is famous for its absolute fine quality and decent designs. It is best known for its unstitched and stitched organza, chiffon, supreme silk, and cotton. It is also the most expensive brand in Pakistan. the product range starts from PKR3,000 to PKR80,000.

  1. Chinyere

It is one of the most expensive clothing brands in Pakistan but also famous for its sophistication and unique style. This brand is multinational as it also has outlets in Canada and the UK. The contrast between traditional and multinational design offers a great piece of work. It is very popular among the fashion industry as well as the upper class.

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  1. Gul Ahmad

The oldest brand, working in Pakistan since 1900. It is one of the best selling brands and known for its reasonable prices for quality products. It is the choice of every woman and man. It also treats its customers with great offseasons, offering the best sale rates in the market. Gul Ahamd produces lawn, cambric, khadar, cotton, and silk fabric. The price range starts from a very reasonable amount of PKR15,00. 

  1. Khaadi

It is one of the best selling and pioneer brands in Pakistan which is famous for its handwoven techniques. The classy prints are responsible for the fame that this brand has gained. It also offers a reasonable price range for its customers. The main products of Khaadi are Khad Pret, Khaadi men, and Khas.

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