Ushna Shah has her own Standards of Beauty

Ushna Shah beauty
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One of the finest actresses in our industry is Ushna Shah. When it comes to speaking the truth, Ushna Shah is very frank and bold. Ushna Shah is a fitness fanatic and believes in a safe lifestyle being upheld. We also see Ushna Shah videos hitting the gym harder. Recently, Ushna Shah posted a photo wearing a gym uniform.

Ushna Shah beauty

Ushna explained that she sets her own expectations of beauty and she is relaxed in her skin while answering one of the comments. She also said that she’ll do it if she needs to lose any weight.

Ushna wrote: “Thanks babe, but the level of fitness was optional and so is this.” When I need to, I get an athletic fit… And it has been seen by the world. I’m solid, I’m lifting and as you can see I’m still muscular, I’ll drop some calories and up my cardio when I want to shred and drop some weight, but that’s probably going to be for a position.

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I’m not 21 anymore, I’m a grown woman who loves food and has a body type that is naturally curvy. I’m most comfortable with this weight because this is who I am and how I want to look is very much in charge. Society and sample sizes do not determine my beauty ideal, I set my own, and I like fit & thick.

Ushna Shah beauty Ushna Shah beauty Ushna Shah beauty

Ushna Shah beauty Ushna Shah beauty