Video: Lahore Police Orders Siblings Do Sit-Ups – Ask Girl To Remove Sweater For Body Search, How Sick!

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Lahore police on Thursday made a young boy and his sister do sit-ups on the street in a very strange incident, after they failed to produce their national identification cards.

The two siblings can be seen in a video doing sit-ups while gripping their earlobes (a gesture used as a demonstration of repentance), with a mobile police car parked behind them.

Talking to a local media outlet, the girl announced that after finishing her job at a factory, she was on her way home accompanied by her brother on a motorcycle. She said they were interrupted by police officials at a checkpoint on the edge of the Ghalib Market police station. They called for their CNICs to be seen.

She said, “The police officers forced us to perform sit-ups because we were unable to produce the CNICs.” In addition to this, a video of them performing sit-ups was captured by the police.

This is Sick!!

They were brought into the police station because the couple admitted they did not have their ID documents. She added that they were “slapped and beaten”.

They looked at my brother’s body and slapped him. An officer named Jamshed was there, who first ordered us to go and then called us back and made us sit down.

Her brother also said, “The police officers took us to the Ghalib Market police station after inflicting corporal punishment on us in public, where they subjected us to torture.”

In addition, he added that they were poor citizens. “Who we might even dare to take action against.”

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Jamsheed, Sub Inspector, ordered her sister to remove her sweater, said the child. Not only was she physically searched by the male police officer at the police station, too.

It is a ‘defamation’ stunt, police said.

The police officers, unexpectedly, denied all the charges. They posted a fake video on social media, according to them, to defame the police.

The House Officer of the Ghalib Market Police Station (SHO) denied that any of his subordinates were involved in the incident, saying instead that “someone conspired [in response to] an operation against the hotel mafia to defame the police.”

“In the incident, the SHO said, “No official from Ghalib Market police station was involved. He argued that the “footage of the boy and girl near the police van was made on purpose.” “The cop added that the authorities were investigating the incident and would “disclose the truth” shortly.

Users of social media respond to the terrible incident

If the video is not fake, the misuse of power here is what they have done.

Unfortunately, there are also examples of people wearing uniforms misusing their authority. A uniformed security guard at a park in Karachi prevented children from playing football by opening fire and scaring them off in a recent incident.

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