[Video] There’s An Ostrich On The Track On Karachi’s Korangi Road & It’s Real

Ostrich On Karachi's Korangi Road
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It’s a jungle out there, as the saying goes, and Karachi drivers are sure to have seen their fair share of strange sightings. The spectacle of a fast and furious ostrich running at full speed on a busy Karachi road, however, must be something completely new.

A highly unusual scene took place on Tuesday afternoon in the city where people spotted an ostrich, running on what is normally considered to be the busiest stretch of road in the city, i.e. none other than Korangi road.

Ostrich On Karachi's Korangi Road

An ostrich was seen running in the midst of slow traffic, towards God knows where, in a video shared on a Facebook community named ‘Halaat Updates’ by a member. In addition, the 1-minute video clearly depicts the largest bird in the world scampering with the puzzled drivers in the surrounding area.

The video was, as it appears, shot on Korangi Lane. It must be noted that the road to Korangi is one of Karachi’s busiest highways. There’s no signal on that road on top of it, and the traffic police still stand there like a spectator. They are of little or no use, however, because no car driver listens to them even though they try to control the traffic.

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It is arguably one of the most strange sightings on the main road in Karachi ever caught on video. The ostrich had fled from a private park on Tuesday, according to the police, and had made its way outside. In addition, police reported that the bird ran across a road in the city’s Korangi No. 4 district.

On the run, watch the quick and furious ostrich

Believe us, capturing an ostrich is as difficult as you think it is. Did you know that, for prolonged periods of time, ostriches can run up to 70 km/h? Without a question, its rapid pace makes it impossible for the Wildlife Department to contain the bird.

Actually, not only do they run so fast, but when it comes to self-defense, they are also super powerful. Fortunately, the bird has apparently been rescued, as per a recent update. “The ostriches fear the water. This one escaped from a private park, said the police, when water reached it. “The employees of the park ran after it and seized the bird.”