Video: TikTok Star Arrested for Begging a Beggar in Disguise in Sialkot

tiktok star begging
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Sialkot: Nauman Alias, the famous TikTok actor, was arrested by police patrolling the highway after he was spotted begging in a beggar’s disguise. On the lip-sync short video sharing site TikTok, Nauman Alias has 1.4 million followers.

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Video: Police arrest a TikTok star in a beggar’s disguise.

After checking his pockets, the police seized foreign currency from his pockets, including US dollars and Saudi Riyal, worth PKR 80,000.

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The arrested TikTok star used to trick people, according to the patrolling police, by putting ink on his face and begging them. He was assigned to the police department.

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