VIDEO: Yasir Hussain, Super-Cute Scooter Ride With Iqra Aziz

Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz
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Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz never shy away from expressing their love for each other publicly. Recently, Yasir posted a sweet video of himself giving wife Iqra Aziz a scooty ride.

Yasir captioned the video, adding: “P.s Kuch bhi kehti rahy aawaz nahi aati.” “Begum k saath be gham ho k scooty pe ghoomny ka apna hi maza hai.”

Some users, however, pointed out that by not wearing the helmets, the two were negligent.

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Meanwhile, the couple opened up in a recent interview about their relationship dynamics with Iqra, revealing that most of Yasir’s jokes revolve around her at home.

“The good thing about Iqra is that, unlike the rest of the nation, she does not mind my jokes,” Yasir said in response.