Viral UOL Couple’s proposal Ends Their Relationship, Also The Marriage Rumors Are Fake

uol viral couple
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Hey guys!!!! Do you remember the couple which has been thrown out from the University of Lahore (UoL)??? Why??? Because of the couple whose public proposal lately went viral on the internet? It seems like both of them are not now longer together.

Recently in the month of March, a short video of a girl has gone viral on social media in which she bow down on her knee with a bouquet of lovely flowers in her hands to propose to her classmate guy and this video speedily went viral like a wildfire on social media and everyone started talking about the couple and when the video reached the university’s authorities, the two not only have been immediately rusticated from the university but the authorities announced to take strict actions against them.

UoL Viral Proposal Couple Ends Their Relationship – Marriage Rumors Were Also Fake!
Image: Twitter

Not only this, but the university also declared an official notice and threw out both of the students, and made sure to everyone that these types of things are not allowed and are strictly prohibited during the premises of the university.

Eventually, the Internet was divided over the responses of the public. Some show love and affection to the couple and are not agreed with the actions taken by the institution’s authorities. While others bashed the couples that this type of thing is not good.

Now, the rumors are coming that they had tied the knot and confirmed their marriage news as well, on their Twitter account. But shocking news came recently that the viral UoL couple are not now longer together and they both reportedly parted their ways.

When Hadiqa opened up!

Why did the couple break up?

When Hadiqa disclosed her relationship with Shehryar, she confessed that expressing her love in public was a big mistake of her and was really a terrible idea.

UoL Viral Proposal Couple Ends Their Relationship – Marriage Rumors Were Also Fake!
Image: YouTube

During the proposal, in spite of thinking of wearing a mask to avoid being identified suddenly she found herself surrounded by an unexpectedly huge crowd as soon as she bows down on her knees. They both forgot to wear masks. Before the proposal according to Hadiqa, only her friends had gathered around when she proposed Shehreyaar.

What is Shehryar’s side of the story?

For the time being, Shehryar in his interview said that he really made a great mistake of accepting her proposal without taking permission from his family and unfortunately it went viral through social media all over the world.

Moreover, Hadiqa declared that they never tied the knot, and the following pictures and news related to it were all useless and fake. Unfortunately, when Hadiqa’s parents met Shehryar’s family, they told Hadiqa’s parents that their son was too young to marry and he was also engaged with his childhood fiance.

Earlier Shehryar also revealed in an interview that after completing his bachelor’s degree he will be soon getting married. On the other hand, Hadiqa declared that she has no idea about the matter as they have not talked with each other for a long time. Well, guys, who know that the viral couple would not be happy together ever after?

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