Who is this girl behind the viral video ‘Pawri Horahi Hai’ & Why are Pakistanis going crazy over her?

Pawri Horahi Hai
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So, there is a video of a girl doing social media rounds in which she can be seen vacationing in Pakistan’s northern region while saying “Yeh hamari party ho rahi hai.” The video has not only gone viral, but the Internet has flooded with numerous memes, with a few video recreations created by celebrities and users.

Pakistanis go wild over the video of the girl as it vividly portrays our society’s ‘burger’ boys. This viral girl is definitely like no other. One of the happiest, most energetic, delightful, energetic, and hilarious girls we’ve recently come across! Who’s she, then?

Pawri Horahi Hai

Pawri Horahi Hai

As well as a content creator, the girl behind the viral video is an influencer on Instagram. Dananeer, also called Geena, hails from Peshawar and resides in Islamabad. She also produces a video imitating the burgers.

Who are these people with burgers, you ask? Essentially, an elite community of Pakistanis who have mostly accepted Urdu as their mother tongue. They pretend, however, not to know or feel ashamed of speaking their mother tongue.

A number of people have recreated the video of Dananeer, and the girl loves the new trend that she has set! So much so that on her Instagram she has a dedicated highlight for it.

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The viral video is here

No one: When borgors visit northern regions: yeh hamari pawri horai haai [this is our party going on]-this is the gold material for which you guys signed up. 10/10 meme stuff,’ read the caption.

Taking the viral challenge, Saba Qamar & Aijaz Aslam

Also, Watch How Pakistanis have recreated this same video!

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LOL!-LOL! Don’t you all just love the vibe of a girl? A high-spirited girl like that, full of vim and vigour! How about you… did you still recreate this video? It certainly does seem to be fun.