Why Model Amna Ilyas put ‘Ata’ on her face and amazed her fans?

ammna illyas
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ammna illyas

Famous star’s every act become controversial whether their wearing a sequin dress or having an affair, fans always keep an eye on them. Similarly Amna Ilyas a gorgeous model is in the list of trending topic now a days, as she has put ata on her face in order to protest against fairness cream and shared a unique message regarding fair complexion.

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The recently #BlackLivesMatter movement set a debate surrounding colorism in our own backyards. Many celebrities protest and demanded a ban on products that glorify white skin by disregarding all other skin tones.

Amna has worked confidently in fashion and entertainment field with her brown skin but relentless talent and ruled on many hearts.

Lately, she posted a video on Instagram and shares a strong message not to degrade yourself and have faith your hardwork and skills instead of having fair skin.

The white complexion is always been a debate in our society and the person having dark complexion always get degrade. Most importantly i wanna mention that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) conveys us a message in His last sermon that

A white has no superiority over black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by pity and good action.

In her latest video, the model says, “I am Amna Ilyas. Do you want to know the reason behind my success?” She then puts ‘Ata’ (flour) in her face and says, “Now my fans will be happy and trust me more as before.”

In the end of her video she concludes , i want to convey powerful message to my fans that instead of adopting a complex of not having the gora rang (white complexion) they should emphasize upon their skills and be comfortable of what they have.

You must watch this video!

The model captioned her post as, “The dream having a white skin has finally come true and the complex of not having it is minimized… Happy birthday to me!”

Moreover, the model had previously posted on Instagram to share a gorgeous portrait of herself beside the caption,

“My dark complexion is not the reason of my fall. Regardless of the shackles of colonization or the microaggressions, if i have good skills and invest a lot of hard work, i will surely achieve my goals.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan also shared a strong message against this matter. Suhana raised her voice about receiving hatred comments from the people over her dark complexion. And not so long ago, Annie Khalid while slamming our society’s phobia of having dark skin complexion.

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