Yashma Gill Offering ‘Namaz’ With Cat, Video Goes Viral | Social Media Criticism

Yashma Gill Namaz With cat video
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Yashma Gill is highly active on social media, and she frequently posts intriguing content there. This time, her admirers simply didn’t like her most recent Instagram photo, and they are criticizing her for all the correct reasons. You guys may be wondering why there was so much backlash, therefore we have the complete information and video of that alarming incident right here.

Yashma Gill Namaz With cat video

The criticism was really sparked after Yashma Gill shared her Jumma photo on her Instagram account. A video that Yashma posted begins with her saying the Jumma prayer while her pet cats are running around her. Even better, these kitties were lounging on a prayer mat. Yashma was paying a sujood at one point, and the presence of her cat startled the crowd.

People are criticizing her acts harshly. First of all, why would someone publish their video while praying? If she is praying, this should be just between you and Allah SWT. People believe that she was unable to keep things professional. On the other side, she is being informed by bystanders that because she is positioned in front of her prayer mat, she is unquestionably giving sujood to her cat.

Yashma Gill Namaz With cat video

You guys can view a video of Pakistani actress Yashma Gill praying with cats by following the link below.

These criticisms are harsh indeed, but it is true that the subject matter is delicate. You cannot make assumptions about someone’s religious beliefs. We are posting screenshots of some of these remarks right here. Look at that.

Yashma Gill Namaz With cat video Yashma Gill Namaz With cat video

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