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daraz frauds on camera

In this expeditious and every day changing period of life science and technology served much more to the mankind among which the trend of e-commerce is also on the peak.But as we all know everything or every technology has some advantages as well as disadvantages the most important topic which i want to shed some light is that online shopping really facilitates customers or just frustrates them.

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The increase in online shopping has trapped many customers in its fraud. A lady named Nausheen Zehra exposes one the story of fraud done by by taking to Facebook and posting her vlogger nephew’s experience with the online seller of them.

Fraud of with my nephew, beware guys while ordering anything online!! Luckily being a vlogger he captured the fraud live, excitement went into disappointment 😭😜

Posted by Nosheen Zahra on Saturday, October 3, 2020

A young vlogger on YouTube named Ali Taimoor, ordered a drone camera for himself from The young boy bought this gadget in 6,550 rs and received it within two days. Excited, Ali Taimoor was so excited to unbox the drone in front of his camera to share his experience. However, when he started unpacking, the little boy’s excitement drowned. At first, an old box is exposed, and Ali says:

The Packing of the box seems to be very old, let’s open it further and check the product.


Ali opens the box only to see that the drone box is stuffed with pieces of garbage and scraps.

While Vlogging Ali added,

First we eliminate these pieces of garbage… scam

After removing scrap one by one he founds nothing but the disappointing picture of scraps and wastage. He exclaims:

Its a fraud , had done a lot of frauds.

The young YouTuber posted the video online and seeks people for help by sharing this story.


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