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Alizeh Sehar, a famous YouTuber, is from Pakistan’s Saraiki region. She is incredibly well-liked in Pakistan’s South Punjab. She is becoming more well-known now that she is married.The first female vlogger from South Punjab to get viral in Pakistan is Alizeh.

In Pakistan, vlogging from rural areas, or “village vlogging,” has gained popularity on a number of social media sites. Producers of content, frequently concentrating on TikTok or YouTube, highlight the customs, everyday lives, and culture of Pakistani villages. These vlogs offer an insight into the genuine and rustic facets of rural life, which might differ greatly from that of cities.

Alizeh Sehar

Important components of Pakistani village vlogging consist of:

Lifestyle: Vloggers frequently show off the straightforward and customary ways of life of rural communities, highlighting pursuits like cooking, farming, and attending cultural events.

Cuisine: Traditional Pakistani food, particularly the making of regional meals with locally sourced and fresh ingredients, is a topic covered in many village vlogs.

Community Interaction: By interacting with nearby communities, vloggers introduce viewers to the locals, their tales, and the rural feeling of community.

Scenic Beauty: A lot of village vlogs highlight the Pakistani countryside’s natural beauty, showcasing its distinctive flora, animals, and sceneries.

Customs and festivals: By showcasing regional customs, festivals, and celebrations, vloggers give viewers an understanding of the diversity of Pakistani villages’ cultures.

Difficulties: A few vlogs might discuss the difficulties that rural populations encounter, like their restricted access to resources, healthcare, and education.

These village vlogs have become more well-known because they provide viewers a glimpse into an alternative way of life, encourage cross-cultural interaction, and occasionally dispel myths about rural life. They frequently highlight the value of strong community ties and the beauty of simplicity. Vloggers should treat the communities they cover with respect and decency, taking into account their privacy and wishes.

Journalist Farah Iqrar, the wife of Iqrarulhassan, verifies that Alizeh Sehar got married. Farah Alizeh claims that she was married under strict terms, including that she would continue to support her family through her YouTube channel, live in her own home with her spouse, and get an annual salary of about 2.5 crore from Haq Meher. For further information, see

Alizeh Sehar Alizeh Sehar