The video of a Muslim girl Muskan, chanting Allah Hu Akbar in the face of Indian extremists has gone viral

Muslim girl Muskan
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Muslim girl yelled Allah Hu Akbar The image of Indian extremists has gone viral. Muskan, an Indian girl, has just won everyone’s hearts by standing bravely in the face of extremists and constantly saying Allah Hu Akbar. Muskan stated that she was unconcerned about the extremists. So, let us take a look!

Muslim girl Muskan

Muskan goes to college to give her assignment, but there are some extremists there. She was wearing a burqa and a hijab at the time. Extremists took issue with Muskan and began referring to him as “Jay Shiri Ram.” Muskan began chanting Allah Hu Akbar in front of all extremists. As a result, they became more audible in front of her.

Muslim girl Muskan

According to Muskan Share of ARY News, wearing a burqa is a part of every woman’s life. She always wore a burqa and wore a scarf to class. While her college principal never objected to her Burqa, some Indian extremists claimed that wearing a burqa or hijab is prohibited.

Take a look at the following people’s tweets:

She is the most popular girl on social media. And she’s the top trending topic on Twitter. People are praising Muskan for her bravery in the face of extremists, during which she bravely chanted Allah Hu Akbar. Muskan also stated in her interview that her other religion friend ensures her safety. look at this

While she reveals that she is not the only one who has to go through this. However, the other five women were also forced to remove their burqas and hijabs. So this video went viral on Tuesday, while Muskan was at college submitting her assignment, and a lot of young extremists are against her for wearing a burqa.

So, what are your thoughts on the viral video of a Muslim girl chanting Allahu Akbar in the face of Indian extremists? Please let us know in the comments section! Thank you very much.

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