Umrah Services

Great News! Finally, Saudi Arabia To Resume Umrah Services Step by Step

Great News! Finally, Saudi Arabia To Resume Umrah Services Step by Step There is no better news for Muslims to able to go to Saudi...
Family System in Islam

Family System in Islam Vs West

A perfectly balanced Family system provides the basis for happy life for every human being. The husband and wife, in a united as well as the individual role, try to keep their family together.

7 Common Misconceptions about Muslim Woman

Islam has provided the rights to the woman to make their own decision about education, marriage, property and business, and so on. But sill she has been suffering and fighting for her rights as the society has many misconceptions regarding women's rights

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PTA has Unblocked TikTok after 9 days of Banning.

There is good news for TikTokers in the country. After the company guaranteed to block all the accounts involved in spreading "immorality and indecency,"...

Hafeez Center Lahore burns to Ashes

Hafeez Center Lahore, Pakistan’s most biggest & one of Asia biggest Mobile Phones market, caught fire earlier morning today. It is claimed that due to...

Pakistan has became the world’s “Second Muslim Country” that is producing heart stents locally

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday inaugurated the N-Ovative Health Technology Facility at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). Furthermore, the facility would...