Actress Zarnish Khan Requested for prayers on having ‘Sudden Surgery’.

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Through her brilliantly performed, very dramatic performance, the Pakistani actress Zarnish Khan became a household name. Lately, after posting a post-surgery snap on her social media, the actress left fans and followers concerned.

In 2013, Zarnish Khan started her acting debut with Wafa’s sister role in Anjanay Nagar. And the actress has been sending us smashing dramatic hits since then and thrilling her fans with her outstanding acting abilities. The most beloved performance was her appearance as Alizeh in Hum Tv’s Susraal Mera. Actually, for this role, she even bagged the Hum Award for Best Soap Actress’.


The Yeh Dil Mera actress took to her Instagram yesterday and announced that due to a medical problem, she went through emergency surgery. Besides this, Khan said she wanted the prayers of her fans. Although the specifics of her condition were not revealed, she asked fans to pray for her recovery.

The Sun Yaara starlet posted a photo on Instagram in which she looked very frail. Just went through a sudden minor procedure,” Khan captioned the post, “Pray for a swift recovery. She can be seen wearing what looks like a hospital gown in the photo.

After she posted a post-surgery selfie on her social media, fans and fellow celebs were left concerned.

Here is the Snap, she has posted.


Fans and fellow stars including Nimra Khan, Agha Ali, Mikaal Zulfiqar, and Zahid Ahmed wished the actress a speedy recovery and prayed for her good health soon after the post was shared. Well whatever medical condition Khan is suffering from, we wish her a fast and rapid recovery!

Zarnish Khan is one of the Pakistani actors who have changed significantly over the years. The actress lost a lot of weight all of a sudden. If we look at one of her and the latest pictures from last year it is obvious that her weight loss was fast and huge.

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Recent performances by the 27-year-old include TV dramas such as Mohabbat Na Kariyo, Jo Tu Chahay, Ishq Zahenaseeb, and Aik Mohabbat Kafi Hai. In photoshoots and advertisements for major Pakistani brands, we have also seen Khan outshine.

Also nowadays, many of our celebrities have turned out to be YouTubers with their own channels to kill their boredom and make good use of their fan following. And the beautiful Khan is one of the new actors to go to YouTube to give her life a sneak peek!



It is fitting to note that Yeh Dil Mera was the last project she worked on for Khan, which was quite a success. She appeared in the serial alongside renowned actor Adnan Siddiqui and Mira Sethi as the mother of Ahad Raza Mir.

After her surgery was done, Zarnish shared a hospital photo. She asked her friends and fans to pray for her swift recovery.


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