In Pictures: Hira Mani and Muneeb Butt Newly Drama Promotion on Nida Yasir Show

hira mani muneeb butt
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Hira has returned to drama with Muneeb Butt, and the teaser for this drama, “Ye Na Thi Meri Qismat,” has finally been released. The main characters in this drama are played by Hira Mani and Aiza Awan. Aiman Khan is restricted to his wife because he does not work in the entertainment industry.

Muneeb, on the other hand, continued to work in various serials. His most recent drama aired with Rubab Hashim. Hira Mani wears a different and unique outfit consisting of a trouser shirt and a traditional dupatta. Muneeb also looks great in the lovely Jeans Jacket, and Pent is simply stunning.

Hira Mani began her career a few years ago, and by nature, she is very intelligent. She has recently become healthier and more attractive. Let’s take a look at some promotional photos of Hira Mani and Muneeb from the Nida Show.

Hira Mani has been a part of Pakistan’s media for a long time. She began her career as a host and used to co-host a show with her significant other Mani, who is a comedian, entertainer, and host.

The shading ignition is both amazing and lovely at the same time. Mani, ever ravishing and attractive, is dressed in a greyish kurta shalwar with a lot of delicate botanical vest coat. With their whimsical appearance, the couple is winning hearts. Hira and Mani are blessed with two wonderful children, and Hira is more than a mother to them, but also a dearest companion and a solid emotionally supportive network.

Hira Mani is a well-known and skilled entertainer in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She is a young entertainer with a lot of savvy. Hira Mani is an entertainer who excels in the dramatisation industry. In the Pakistani dramatisation industry, she assumes each part as positive or negative. Regardless, she plays the Positive Pitiful Part the majority of the time.

hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt

hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt hira mani muneeb butt