Iqrar Ul Hassan Injured, was brutally beaten and held in illegal detention for several hours by IB officers.

iqrar ul hassan injured
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Anchor of the News In the attack, Iqrar ul Hassan and Team SareAam were injured. Iqrar ul Hassan is well-known for hosting the ARY show SareAam. He and his team were brutally beaten and tortured. Iqrar and his team were severely injured. So let’s dig a little deeper into this.

Iqrar ul Hassan is a well-known name in the media because of his dedication and perseverance. He has performed numerous sting operations in order to expose the harsh reality and truth in our society, which is becoming darker by the day. Iqrar and his team SareAam have made this show a huge success by working tirelessly to expose people’s darkness through the lens of a camera.

Farah Yousaf Iqrar ul hassan

For a long time, their team, as well as Iqrar ul Hassan, has had to deal with major challenges. He has conducted numerous sting operations in restaurants, small areas, illegal employment, and police stations. Not only in these areas, but Iqrar and his team are never afraid to show the reality of high-ranking officers and prestigious positions in Pakistan.

Recently, Iqrar and his team were subjected to brutality as a result of one of their sting operations against an IB officer. Iqrar and his SareAam team conducted a sting operation against an Intelligence Bureau officer a few days ago. Along with his entire team, he was beaten and brutally injured. While it is claimed that he was assaulted by Director IB Syed Mohiuddin Rizwan for exposing one of the IB officers.

iqrar ul hassan injured

iqrar ul hassan injured iqrar ul hassan injured

Wasim Badami, one of his co-hosts, recently shared a video of Iqrar Ul Hassan from Liaquat National Hospital. He has stiches on his head. Some of his ribs have also fractured. Iqrar ul Hassan’s left hand is also broken. Wasim Badami revealed that his ECG report is abnormal due to the electric shocks he received while being tortured.

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Wasim Badami also expressed his thoughts on the attack. “Who is responsible for this tortured over Iqrar ul Hassan?” he tweeted. What will happen to a normal citizen if an influential citizen faces these problems? This implies that the perpetrators believed they could do whatever they wanted and that no one could harm them.”

Iqrar ul Hassan himself revealed that two of his team members had received electric shocks and are in critical condition.

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