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Does Running Burns More Calories Than Walking? How to burn calories at home?

Burn calories
In case you’re hoping to lose weight, burn more calories, or get more fit quick, running is a superior decision. Yet, walking can likewise offer various advantages for your wellbeing, including helping you keep up a sound weight.

Top 10 Netflix Series to Watch | Netflix Movies List

Netflix Series
Netflix is the world's driving web entertainment facility having 158 million participants in nearly 200 nations enjoying documentaries, tv-series, and movies across a wide variety of languages and genres. So, the top 10 Netflix series are as follow

7 Common Misconceptions about Muslim Woman

Islam has provided the rights to the woman to make their own decision about education, marriage, property and business, and so on. But sill she has been suffering and fighting for her rights as the society has many misconceptions regarding women's rights


Women Health
Women's health is a symbol of the country's political, social and economic events. Because women make up part of any country's land, productivity decreases when women's health is low.

Smart lockdown! How does it work? Lockdown In Pakistan

Lockdown picture
Lockdown is anything but a specialized term used by health officials, referring to anything from required geographic isolation to non-required suggestions to stay at home

Maria Memon TV Anchor Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Maria Memon Corona
Television anchorperson Maria Memon has tested positive for coronavirus. Maria Memon in her social media twitter account to disclose that she had mild symptoms from the past two days and she got herself tested.

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Hajj 2020

Hajj 2020 Update | Ministry of Hajj Issues Guidelines

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has made a major announcement today 23 June 2020 to allow a very limited number of citizens and residents (Not International) who are already in the Kingdom to perform Hajj this year.
Periods Menstrual

Problems during Menstrual Cycle | Periods Symptoms | Periods In Pregnancy

Women may occasionally experience problems or irregularities in their cycle. Severe menstrual pain which is syndrome Toxic shock may be extremely dangerous.

آن لائن کلاس کیلئے ’’جگاڑ‘‘ لگانے والی انڈین کیمسٹری ٹیچر کے چرچے عروج پر

آن لائن کلاس کیلئے ’’جگاڑ‘‘ لگانے والی انڈین کیمسٹری ٹیچر کے چرچے عروج پر۔۔ ویڈیو سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل۔۔ دیکھئے خاتون ٹیچر نے بچوں کو آن لائن تعلیم دینے کیلئے ٹرائی پوڈ نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے اپنے موبائل ہینڈ سیٹ کو کیسے ایڈجسٹ کیا؟