Pakistanis commented on Fahad Mustafa’s Epic Fashion Sense for allegedly forgetting his pants at an event.

fahad mustafa
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The host of Jeeto Pakistan and renowned film and television actor Fahad Mustafa is the heartbeat of many Pakistanis and today he is in the limelight on social media once again. And the reason is he allegedly forget wearing his pants while appearing at an event.

Women are often the topic of discussion over malfunctions in the dressing. However, for once, it seems as though Mustafa has taken all the crowd attention to himself with his out of the fashion sense. Recent pictures of him gives the public goose bump and therefore he has become every coffee table conversation.

fahad mustafa

It seems like, Fahad really tried to do something different. The Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 actor spotted in such a avatar at the PSL eliminator event, to support Karachi wearing a blazer, white dress shirt with boxer shorts. However, the actor turned host idea had gone flop and did not go well with his fans.

The ruler of many hearts, Mustafa’s fans feel that the dress just made things awkward and named it as a big malfunction. Of course Blazer with boxer shorts is definitely a big no. Not to sound harsh, but who told him to make a silly combination of blazer shirt and a boxer? More so, his recent picture shows that the actor has been skipping leg days for quite some time now.

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Of course, he is now become a trending topic of criticism, when he did not bother to put on a pair of pants in public. The idea of trying something new did not really sit right with social media users.

fahad mustafa fahad mustafa fahad mustafa fahad mustafa

fahad mustafa

fahad mustafa

Our people certainly have a lack of good sense of humor, especially when it comes to roasting someone.

If you remember, sometime before the game show host’s avatar of deep V-neckline showing his unsolicited cleavage in a Ramzan transmission was one the topic of criticism of the people. The Actor In Law actor appeared on television wearing a low-cut black pullover that flashed his neckline.

These celebrities are the ruler of many hearts, so to keep commenting on their every action is the love and attention of the fans.

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