Here are the most Googled people in Pakistan in 2020 – You’re going to be very surprised to see a few!

googled 2020
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Google released a list of the most searched people in Pakistan, just like any other year with this year coming to a steady and peaceful close. But who were the most googled Pakistanis in Pakistan in 2020? Let’s explore it!

Compared to the previous year the Google Trends Year in Search 2020 is focused on search words that have had the biggest increase this year. In addition, this list is essentially a roundup of Pakistani personalities sought after.

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So let’s dive into who and what was trending in Pakistan in a year like no other in modern history without more suspense! We compiled the top ten that we were a little shocked to see on the list.

1- Marvi Sarmad

Marvi Sarmad

Due to various controversies, the famous and outspoken Pakistani journalist and human rights defender Marvi Sirmed never fails to get the focus.

2- Uzma Khan

Uzma khan

Khan has grabbed a lot of limelight after videos went viral of a gang of women who broke into the house of actress Uzma Khan and created havoc for allegedly having an affair with a man named Usman Malik. Apparently, the film actress also made it to the list, supposedly because of the whole drama that transpired this year.

3- Joe Biden

Joe Biden

The next US president, of course! President-elect Joe Biden is on his way to being sworn in as president next month, but he has earned another distinction in the meantime: leading Google Trends this year.

4- Alizeh Shah

Alizeh Shah

The only way you wouldn’t know who Alizeh Shah is is if you were living under a rock, of course, in Pakistan. Along with Mahira Khan, the 19-year-old went on to star in Superstar. But it is her work as Dua in the drama Ehd-e-Wafa, which put the actor on Pakistan’s most searched list of people.

5- Hareem Shah

hareem shah

Suprisingly, it seems that the social media sensation Hareem Shah, who often makes headlines with her antics, has also made it to the list. And we all know that for all the wrong reasons, Shah must have been most searched for!

6- Minahil Malik

minahil malik

Looks like a star from TikTok made it too! With her explicit photos that were allegedly leaked, this popular Pakistani TikTok star Minahil Malik took social media by storm.

7- Falak Shabir

sara khan and falak shabir

Earlier this year the Pakistani singer and songwriter Falak Shabir tied knots with the actor Sarah Khan. The couple got a lot of love from Pakistanis and attention!

8- Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar

Asim Azhar, the singer turned star, is already a well recognised artist who allegedly dated Hania Aamir. Amir, however, declared around July that they are just friends,” leaving everyone puzzled. People have wondered about their relationship status since then and often felt bad for Azhar, which explains why he is the most sought after.

9- Esra Bilgiç

Esra Bilgiç

And here comes the one who, considering the fascination with Dirilis, has made absolute and complete sense: Ertugrul? Bilgiç’s Esra! This Turkish actress made quite a lot of headlines, for every possible reason, not only in the local news but also on social media.

10- Sarah Khan

sara khan and falak shabir

Pakistani actress Sarah Khan, now also known as Sarah Falak, this year tied the knot with Pakistani singer and songwriter Falak Shabir. Khan made it to the list of Pakistan’s most Googled people in 2020 with her brilliant performance in her new drama series, Sabaat, and beautiful wedding clicks!

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