Here’s Everything You Should Know About Chupke Chupke’s Popular Mirchi “Areesha Sultan”

Chupke Chupke Mirchi Areesha Sultan
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Areesha Sultan is a young Pakistani actress who rose to prominence thanks to her portrayal of Mirchi in Chupke Chupke. She is a thirteen-year-old little girl who is also a dedicated student who does not neglect her studies. She was recently featured in something haute, where she spoke about herself and her acting career.

Chupke Chupke Mirchi Areesha Sultan Chupke Chupke Mirchi Areesha Sultan Chupke Chupke Mirchi Areesha Sultan

“I was a studious girl, even I used to participate in co-curricular activities too, from there I got a chance of audition through my Mother’s friend, I got selected for a few commercials then I thought one should do experiences meet people and explore new venues then I took permission from my mother for doing only one drama then I did Ishq Tamasha.

“I started off my career with Ishq Tamasha when I was ten, in Ishq Tamasha I played role of younger sister Afza, Danish uncle figured out the spice of acting in me I didn’t even know the fact about myself,” she said about her first drama.

“I started off with Ishq Tamasha, when I started I thought I’m not Afza, I’m not Mirchi, but Danish uncle saw the spice in me, the credit goes to Danish uncle, then I did Khaas, Sotaily Mamta, and the latest one is Chupke Chupke, here I am in front of you,” she said.

“I had my exams when Danish Bhai approached me and offcourse nothing is more critical than exams, so I denied him,” she said, “but later on exams were cancelled due to covid, and the shoot was postponed, but Danish Bhai managed to persuade me.” She went on to say, “I told my mother that if I study hard for my tests, I can do the drama openly.”

“My account is private. I don’t want to add people because I’m not mature enough to manage a public account right now,” she said of being on Instagram. “On my private instagram, only girls can follow me.”

She said of working with a stellar ensemble, “I’ve been fortunate to work with immensely talented people who are all helpful and caring.”