Viral Video of Wedding Dance of Chef Kitchen With Amna Gets Trolled!

Kitchen With Amna 'Drunk' in her wedding dance Video, Said Social Media.

kitchen with Amna trolled
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Amna Riaz is a famous Pakistani YouTube vlogger and is a chef by profession.  She has been publishing videos on her YouTube channels for a long time now and has a huge fan base of about more than 3 million subscribers. Kitchen with Amna is one of her channels. Recently, the YouTube Chef tied the knot, and faced trolling due to her viral wedding dance video.

Her audiences love her for her appetizing and mouth watering recipes. The renowned chef tied the knot just recently and has shared the big news and its events through her social media platforms. She updated her admirers through sharing almost all the details of her wedding through her YouTube Vlogs.

Her fans are very happy for the new couple. They have sent many best wishes and prayers for her and her husband. Amna had officially informed her fans of her wedding via her latest vlog that featured her husband as well.

Source: YouTube

Additionally, the YouTuber Chef Amna Riaz also published a video of her dance with her husband on her official channel. The couple looked extremely happy during their dance on a slow tune and were all smiled up.  However, our social media trollers found the video to be strangely funny, and trolled the new bride pretty badly and harshly.

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Before we go on to showing you the dance video, let’s have a look at the wedding pictures that we have collected for you.

Take a look at the pretty bride in few of her wedding photos

Now, let’s show you the dance video here.

Watch how happy the cute couple looks together! But no, our people just can’t see others happy at all. Trollers came out of nowhere and rebuked the newlywed couple. They did not stop at just labeling the bride as being high on something and ‘drunk’ but they also mocked about the marriage seeming like an arranged marriage rather than being a love marriage.

Sure, the dance may seem kind of odd, but what matters the most is that as long as the couple are happy.  Wedding events are not supposed to be a cat walk for the new bride.

From her heavy dress, jewelry, makeup, to her hairstyle not to even mention the fixed dupatta on her head, it is not easy to carry all this for the bride, that too for hours on end. She obviously has to look tired in the video after all that she is carrying. Why do all the fans always have to assume the worst?

People have left some awful remarks under her viral video

Source: Instagram

According to the details, chef Amna has tied the knot with someone named Umair. The celebration was four-day long with events starting off with a nikkah, followed by her mehndi, baraat and valima.

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