WATCH: Quran Teacher Has Himself Filmed With Slaps & Punches Torturing 3 Minors

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Warning: The Content for this story may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

Seeing how some unsupervised madrasas in Pakistan are becoming a place of harassment, violence, and child molestation is deeply saddening. Recently, another devastating incident occurred when a Quran teacher brutally hit innocent kids for forgetting a lesson. He also gets filmed the ordeal. What an utter insult to mankind!

This news is not just tragic and depressing; the prospect of becoming a survivor of such a traumatic event makes one wonder what the world is coming to? Since when did mankind become so deprived of us?

child abusing

Seeing how such sadistic and sick-minded individuals are still trusted with kids is absolutely terrorising. Regardless of cases of child abuse, whether sexual or physical, some parents seem hesitant to send their innocent children to so-called religious schools, where they expect those teachers to train them with religious information and lead them on the right path.

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Are they so in the dark about the unspeakable incidents in these structures that take place? Bear in mind, parents should be kept equally responsible for bringing their children through such violence.

What kind of gross gratification do these repulsive qaris accomplish from torturing unworldly children is the bigger question? Guess, we’re never going to remember!

Warning: The Content for this story may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised.

Here is a video about torture. Uh, sick!

The whereabouts of this unfortunate event are unclear as of now. Besides this, at the moment, the identity of the qari is also unclear. In the past, several individuals have called on the government and non-profit organisations to take stringent action with regard to madrasas.

The need for legal action in relation to such cases is, in effect, of due significance. Nonetheless, no matter how deplorable and upsetting the situation becomes, this is not the first time that such a horrible event has happened, nor will it be the last, to our dismay.