Waliya Najib
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Waliya Najib, a successful photographer who runs a studio of her own. There are thousands of followers on her Instagram page, Waliya Najib Photography, and she herself is quite a viral influencer these days. Waliya Najib’s new dance video is making social media rounds with her husband and has us completely hooked!

Waliya Najib is a social media star and one of the most sought-after photographers in the twin cities. In reality, on different social media sites, there are several fan pages that are also devoted to her. Back in the day, convincing one’s parents to consider photography as a career used to be quite difficult. People today, however like Waliya Najib, have managed to shift the attitude of countless parents who have seen people from successful backgrounds in this sector make a name for themselves.

Waliya Najib
Source: Instagram

After capturing countless moments for others, this year, photographer Waliya Najib finally tied the knot herself and created her own memories. In addition, the young couple are actively engaged in engaging with their fans on social media, from regular photos of their everyday lives on Instagram to a sneak peek at their travelling diaries.

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The young couple has outstanding chemistry and is mostly seen on social media doing amazing dance and other fun stuff together. And their fans are drooling about their cuteness all the time.

Waliya Najib
Source: Instagram

A dance video appeared on Instagram recently, in which the pair can be seen heating up the dance floor at a wedding. On the superhit Gagar, Waliya Najib and her husband Faizan Sameer played Umair Jaswal from the Velo sound station.

The dance synchronization of this couple is still at the point that people are so fond of their dance videos. In reality, these days, more is the new social media phenomenon!

See & enjoy the dance video here!

Whoa!-Whoa! Don’t they look so perfect and cute together? Surely they have an idea of how to travel! The dance floor was clearly set on fire by Waliya Najib, dancing alongside her husband. The video didn’t take long to go viral, and we can see why!

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