Tiktok Star Jannat Mirza Dance Video at her cousin family wedding Goes Viral

Jannat Mirza Tiktok star
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The leading TikTok star in Pakistan, Jannat Mirza, is very popular for her videos and has a large following of 10 million followers. The 22-year-old, who has plenty of social media followers, was recently spotted dancing at a wedding.

Jannat Mirza is part of the city of Faisalabad in Pakistan. Recently, she moved to Japan for further studies. The fame of her social media helped her get into showbiz. In the Pakistani entertainment industry, through the song Shayar, she made a good debut. It marked her entrance into the industry of popular entertainment.

Without a doubt, in a very short time, Jannat Mirza achieved tremendous success. She had already joined the world of modelling and acting in the entertainment sector of Pakistan. Her charismatic beauty was given to her by a massive fan.

Jannat Mirza Tiktok star

By creating content that included Bollywood sync and slow-motion videos, the 22-year-old gained fame. Pakistanis love the content completely. And even her effortless fame reached the Japanese advertising agencies, where she even earned offers in Japanese advertising to act as a model.

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Recently, Mirza posted a video of her cousins mehndi on her TikTok. The new dance video by the TikTok actress will make you fall in love with her. The video was taken from a wedding function where she and her team can be seen dancing. In the video, a long dress with elegant jewellery and open hair can be seen killing her.

Watch & enjoy the video here!

Yeah, she’s sure got an idea of how to travel! She set the dance floor on fire, dancing with her cousin to an old number 1 Indian tune, Tu Mera Hero.

Here are a few clicks from the case for more

Jannat Mirza Tiktok star Jannat Mirza Tiktok star

Jannat Mirza Tiktok star Jannat Mirza Tiktok star

How spectacular!

Earlier, the TikTok star revealed she was leaving the country for good. The news left over 10 million people devastated by her huge fans, making them wonder why she is going abroad.

Her comment was highlighted as very ‘controversial material, but she cleared the air about it recently. Jannat Mirza’s choice to move elsewhere sparked a frenzy among her supporters. And it was suspected by many to be connected with the sudden ban of TikTok in Pakistan.

Jannat Mirza Tiktok star

However after completing her degree in Japan, she announced that she will be returning to Pakistan. In addition to this, she shared that she wants to study film in Japan so that she can return to Pakistan and work as a director or producer behind the camera. So, we don’t think she is going to Japan after all!

Jannat Mirza will be back with renowned Pakistani director Syed Noor to work on a film. She explained that, due to the recent rise in rape reports, she decided to move back to Japan. Earlier, just a day after she crossed 10 million followers, the TikTok sensation was trolled over PTA prohibiting the app.

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