Alizeh Shah’s Doppelganger Found on the Internet.

Alizeh Shah Doppelganger
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A new and truly astonishing addition to the Showbiz business, a young talented and beautiful girl from Karachi is currently sweeping the television screens. Alizeh Shah recently received a lot of backlash when a video of her smoking went viral on social media.

Alizeh Shah Doppelganger

Alizeh Shah’s lookalike has recently been discovered on the internet. Another celebrity doppelganger is making the rounds on social media today. It’s actor Alizeh Shah and fashion model Rania from Qatar this time. The Alizeh impersonator has made a sensation on social media, with many people perplexed. The similarities in facial features such as the eyes and grin are startling!

While the actor and the model have a striking similarity, we’ll leave it to you to judge whether Alizeh has found her twin. Take a look!

Alizeh Shah Doppelganger Alizeh Shah Doppelganger Alizeh Shah Doppelganger Alizeh Shah Doppelganger