Boy, who was spotted in the SUV, did not drive for the first time – Said, ‘I just wanted Ice Cream’

kid driving land cruiser
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Parents’ absent-mindedness also causes children to face unparalleled problems. Well, the same thing happened to a 6-year-old boy who landed in hot water on Multan’s busiest road for driving an SUV. Turns out, when his father was sleeping, the boy was out in search of ice cream.

A video of a child appeared earlier this week, showing him driving a black Land Cruiser SUV on Multan’s Bosan Lane. On social media, the video surfaced and went viral four days ago. The police looked for the minor. In reality, in order to find the child and his parents, two teams were also created.

In the video, to reach the peddles and see the lane, the child could be seen standing in the driver’s seat.

Nobody bothered to stop the boy, despite the existence of a number of wardens and police checkpoints along the way.

Nonetheless, the father and his son came to the police station on Thursday. Mazhar Abbas, the child’s father, told the police that his son had been pushed away in his absence.

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The car was seized by the police. In addition to this, under the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, the minor’s dad was booked. After paying a minor fine of Rs1,000, the man and his son were permitted to go home.

kid driving land cruiser

‘I wanted ice cream,’ reveals the kid,

My father was sleeping, and lying on the bed was the car key. “I wanted ice cream, so I picked up the key and drove off by myself,” he said.

The kid also announced that he went in search of ice cream to three different locations. He did not, however, locate it anywhere.

It turned out, when asked who taught him to drive, that his driver did. WOW!-Wow! In addition, the kid also shared that he had previously driven the car, but he was previously naive.

Parents also play an important role in motivating them to do so, just as children are accountable for their wrongdoing. Often it all begins with a quick run to fetch groceries from local markets. Then, for fun, it’s just a little trip around the block. Stop, please! It’s risky for a kid of your own.

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