‘Bra Hoti Hi Is liye hai k Ap Jesy body Scanners se Breast Chupaya ja Sky’ – Sonya Grils Troll Who Asks Her To Control ‘Bra Straps’

Sonya hussyn bra control
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That’s no trick. The object of vicious online trolls were Pakistani celebrities. In order to elicit a response from the public figure, social media accounts, who troll, make purposely offensive and sexist remarks.

These individuals in the entertainment industry, however, are no longer settling for silence. The renowned model turned actor Sonya Hussyn just gave a fitting reply to a troll this time around, and we love it!

Don’t these haters and keyboard warriors ever get tired of the poor celeb trolling? Give them a hiatus. They still have emotions. Without a doubt, many actors have now admitted that they have signed up for this somehow. Let’s not forget, though, that they get hurt by the harsh backlash, too.

sonya hussyn in usa

Hats off to those who actually shut off their comments in order not to let others dumb their spirits down. Many envy celebrities for their glamorous lifestyle and all the attention they get. But if they only understood the ruthless trolls often come with fame and popularity.

Hussyn, a well-acclaimed actress in our industry, really knows how to shut the trolls down. Beneath her image on Instagram, an Instagram user commented, “Control your bra straps in the drama.” We can see only one side of it or the other from time to time.

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The Mujhay Sandal Kar Do actress, having none of it, responded, “So what if it is visible?” Why is it a question for you? Basically,’ Bra’ is for body scanners like you to cover our breasts from you! ”

sonya hussyn in usa

But it’s your problem buddy if you are either getting distracted or aroused by a piece of fabric. All the time, stop making women unhappy,’ added Hussyn.

Here, take a look at it!

Sonya hussyn bra control
Source: Instagram

Girl, you go! Intolerance persists in Pakistanis, and whenever you come across the comment section of celebrities or any person, it is pretty obvious. But isn’t seeing people take trolls in step and show them their rightful place an utter delight? Why are these men looking at a woman just as a sexual object?

There are many, many examples and distinct representations of the way dress is used toward women in a filthy sense. Not too long ago, for wearing ‘revealing’ clothing on television, a Pakistani news anchor was called out. Remember, there was nothing wrong with dressing her up.

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Yet, still, to such an extent that men went on to say that our TV channels facilitate provocative dressing, it gave rise to a debate. Not only that, but also the promotion of sexual harassment in our country as a consequence. Unfortunately, the manner in which women dress is regularly used as an incitement to rape.

In our culture, we surely do not lack misogynists. For their choice of lifestyle, female Pakistani celebrities frequently get bashed, but mostly for wearing a revealing dress. Just recently, Hajra Yamin, another renowned actress, came under fire for wearing a thigh-length gown.