Five Steps to Eliminate Corruption in Pakistan

Corruption In Pakistan
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Five Steps to Eliminate Corruption in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that has faced so many problems since its birth. In this article we will discuss that what steps we can take to eliminate corruption in Pakistan. It has the ability to survive and deal with every kind of situations but the problem which provides the basis for every new problem is corruption in Pakistan. A common Pakistani is well aware of this statement that

“From a 4th scale government employees to Prime Minister, everyone here is corrupt.”

Anything which is legal and which a government servant is bound to do cannot be done without paying some money in the form of a bribe. There have been so many researches, workshops conducted on the elimination of corruption, in this article we will suggest what corruption elimination strategies Pakistan should adopt.

  1. Justice System

First, the failure of our justice system is the main reason behind corruption. Our justice system has been failing to punish the strong and implements its decisions. Biasness has prevailed in our justice system. A Judicial system that is itself corrupt, how we can expect that it will punish any corrupt person. First of all that is needed is to bring some fundamental changes in our justice system. From the appointment of judges to the proceedings of courts. From the implementation of justice to the prevention of crime, every law-related corruption should be amended.

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  1. Rule of Law

Secondly, In Pakistan, we merely see that any government institution is practicing the rule of law. Corrupt practices are prevailing everywhere in our country. Here the corrupt are rewarded. Corrupt practices always lead to bad governance and bad governance responsible for bad economic situations. The government institutions need great institutional reforms to deal with corruption. Rule of law must prevail everywhere

  1. Eradication of Poverty

Third, Pakistan due to its bad policies and economic situations is facing poverty. The per capita income is below the international standards of per capita income. Poverty is another cause that is responsible for corruption. With small salaries, they cannot provide for their families and this promotes and deepening corruption. Poverty should be deal with on an emergency basis. The government should cooperate with the private sector to provide better jobs to its people. That will help to reduce some poverty leading to a reduction in corruption.

  1. Through Creating Awareness

Fourth, to fight with corruption, all of the stakeholders must play their role in creating awareness among common men. Pakistan has a young population that is hoping for a bright future of their country and wants to take part to bring change in Pakistan. Tools like social media, films, documentaries, research articles can be deployed in an interactive way. A change in the academic syllabus can also play its part.

  1. Accountability for All

The biasness should be eradicated from our system. In Pakistan, the institutions have different standards for everyone, the rich politicians, officers, and traders always escape by giving some share of their corruption as the law provides them a freeway in form of plea bargain. But on the other hand, a common man always held liable and punished severely for petty crimes that he has done. They cannot bribe the system like others. So the accountability should be free form any bias.


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