How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast, Step-by-Step Guide

Google Adsense approval
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Now a days it is necessity of every blogger who is working online on various platforms like websites & youtubers. Now what is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is the best advertising network, people all around the world are getting benefit from. There are many competitors who are trying to compete with Google premier partner program but Adsense always on top of the list.

As we all know that good and precious are hard to achieve and therefore, Google adsense is the best network so its approval process is not that simple. Google only makes partnership with the best people, who can bring good quality and free of plagiarism content to the network.

Google AdSense rules and laws are very strict when it comes to approving new application for the partner program. Many people, especially from Asia often get rejection initially because of their blunders.

However, there are few little things to be kept in mind from which your adsense application gets approved.

Basic steps to be followed before applying for Google Adsense:

Custom Domain:

To acquire a top-level domain like is the most important step. It should be paid, not free of cost. If you are using a blog on, you can apply from there as it is also a Google product but that’s the only step as of getting approval for a free account. The approval of adsense can only be done when you upgrade your account.

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Domain Age:

Domain age matter the most. The approval from Google cannot be easily done after getting your new domain name. Some time is and patience is needed, most probably it takes from 3-6 months for the approval.

Web Hosting:

If you choose free web hosting and apply for Adsense, let’s prepare your mind to get rejection. Always buy a best hosting platform for your blog.

Content Creation:

Google expects bloggers to write good quality and plagiarism free content. Remember one thing that when you apply for Adsense, each account should be verified manually by a human eye.

Privacy Policy/About Us/Contact Us page matters the most:

The privacy page is the foremost important requirements for Google AdSense. It Informs your visitors about the information they need collect etc. As well as the About us page represents the user about you and similarly the Contact us page lets the visitors to coordinate you.

The number of posts:

I believe that it doesn’t matter how many blog posts you post before applying for Adsense. To be honest, I only uploaded 3 posts when I got my account approved.

It have seen that many people get rejected after 100+ posts and many get approval with few posts in number. It just depends on the quality of your content.

Google Only wants the original, Good Quality AND PLAGIARISM FREE content.

Is it necessary to get approval when you have a good Blog traffic:

Readers! i want to clear this doubt from your mind that you do not need to have good traffic to apply for Adsense. All you need is the majority in number of visitors. The traffic, however, needs to come from good and reliable sources for example search engine and social media.


Design of the blog:

Having a good blog design is an important factor. Keep this in mind that your account will be verified by a human as well as the blog should be easy to use and must have professional look.

True Identity:

As we have discussed in the above content that google only likes the original things so, it is necessary to Apply with your original name instead of nick ids. Make sure to accurately fill in all form fields and to populate the form with real address.

In the end i wish you a very good luck and i hope that your account will be approved if you follow all the above tips.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.