Man Kills 2 Lahore Sisters, with his obscene videos saying they were blackmailing him

Man Kills 2 Lahore Sisters
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Two sisters who were abducted last year from Kahna Lahore were found dead. On November 26, the suspects, identified as Abida, 26, and Majida, 28, went to a bazaar. The body of Abida was discovered on December 12, while the body of Sajida was found on January 4, 2021. They were both handcuffed and they were strangled.

In the case of dual murder, accused suspects have admitted to their crime. They admitted murdering the sisters during the police investigation after luring them into the fields. As per the police, after making his compromised recordings, the prime suspect Naeem shared his account that one of the victims used to blackmail him.

Man Kills 2 Lahore Sisters

Naeem was acquainted with Sajida and her neighbour, one of the victims. “They both worked together at a factory,” said the investigating officer.

“Naeem said he was planning to murder Sajida because she had been blackmailing him,” the officer said, adding that his friend Eijaz had supported Naeem in the crime. The bodies of the victims were discovered in a sack tossed in a neighbourhood river.

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“I was set on fire for 1 CAROR rupees of insurance money,” claims Sahar Khan.

According to the info, Naeem reported that Sajida demanded money from Naeem after making his videos. Since Sajida was his mate, he added that she once called him to her place and allegedly made his pornographic videos. The late Sajida had sought Rs10,000 from him.

Man Kills 2 Lahore Sisters

Naeem admitted that he had summoned her to the fields to hand over the money. Naeem told the police that when Sajida had come along with her sister Abida, they had both tied them up in the fields and executed them. Later, he said, the bodies were dumped in the Nullah.

Victims’ family calls for justice

Naeem admitted that he had teamed up with a factory co-worker and plotted Sajida’s murder by seducing her with money. An FIR has been registered as of now, and further inquiries are ongoing.

On Thursday, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar took note of the murder of two sisters who had been kidnapped from Kahna. Buzdar has demanded from the Inspector General Police a probe report.

Man Kills 2 Lahore Sisters

Meanwhile, two suspects from Lahore, said to be involved in the abduction and murder of the sisters, were soon arrested by police. The families of the two sisters are now appealing for mercy.

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Earlier, the victims’ heirs had also believed that Naeem had abducted the sisters and murdered them. After having temporary bail, however, he vanished. Meanwhile, after locking down their homes, the family and friends of the accused were also missing.