Nadia Khan Shared Her Daughter’s Weight Loss Journey

Nadia Khan daughter
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In Nadia Khan’s latest video on OutStyle, a Youtube channel. In the video, her daughter Alizey can be seen with Nadia. Nadia Khan shared that Alizey once appeared on PTV on her morning show and that show made her decency and mannerism love viral people. Nadia also expressed that when she was 10 years old, the last time she saw Alizey slim was and the video actually featured on Alizey’s weight loss journey that she lost 15 kgs and transformed into a slim and trimmed girl again. The positive effects of weight loss on Alizey’s health, skin, and lifestyle were also expressed by Alizey and Nadia.

Nadia Khan daughter

PCO’s is the basic reason why Alizey gained weight and Alizey was 70 kgs by 16. She used to go to her mother’s gym a lot, but it didn’t help. The only way out is to regulate the food, so Alizey regulated her diet. Also, Alizey shared the cauliflower diet recipe.

Let’s check out the video:

Nadia Khan daughter Nadia Khan daughter

Nadia Khan daughter