Was this teacher terminated by a school in Lahore for being ‘Too Attractive’? SHOCKING Facts Revealed

teacher fired being hot
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A curious case came to the fore last year from a school in Lahore that made several individuals judge the mental capacity of the administrations functioning in Pakistan. Apparently, in Lahore, the school dismissed a female teacher named Aasia Zubair for being too hot. Now, this teacher appears to have provided the school with ‘a lawsuit’. How true are the allegations here?

The teacher is about 29 years old, as per the sources, and a married woman who has worked for the past 6 years as a teacher. She was fired from her role on August 11, 2020, on the grounds of being ‘too sexy’ to teach secondary education students.

On the basis of a highly ludicrous argument, Zubair took to Twitter and blamed the management for sacking her.

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Apparently, from my school principal, I got a termination letter claiming that my body is too fit or erotic for me to teach high school students classes. We normally wear good shalwar kameez dupatta, so you don’t know what else they wanted me to do? Ridiculous,’ wrote she.

Teachers typically wear decent outfits during their duty schedules in school, according to Zubair. Moreover, even if that does not succeed, what else should they do to please the management of the school?

Recently, Zubair had yet another big news coming up. Taking to her Twitter this time, she revealed that she had filed a complaint against the school administrators for ridiculous excuses for suspending her.

A Surprising fact check is coming here!

Guys, it’s a fake storey! There are so many loopholes in it, such as numerous women’s images known as ‘Aasia Zubair’. As a matter of fact, there are no reliable news reports about a married teacher being fired merely for having a ‘hot figure’ and being beautiful from her teaching job in Lahore.

Earlier, to make such allegations, numerous photographs of the ‘teacher’ were used. Those images, however, turned out to be of Zoya Sheikh, an Indian model who had nothing to do with the whole fiasco.

teacher fired being hot
Image: Times of India

This time, the photographs used are of Sanjana Singh, an Indian influencer.

teacher fired being hot
Source: Instagram

In order to get attention, several Twitter accounts seem to post the same old tweet. These tweets are, without any shadow of a doubt, simply fake, using photos of some Indian models.

In fact, we learned when digging deeper that most people commenting on it are also Twitter profiles from India.

So, is this fake scandal merely a sad attempt to mistreat Pakistan’s name? Obviously so!

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