Watch! How The Fans Praise Unbothered Queen Hania Amir For Enjoying Asim Azhar’s Concert

hania amir and asim azhar
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This weekend Fans gathered at Moin Khan Stadium in Karachi for Asim Azhar’s music concert, and the most amazing thing is that the videos and pictures of the song Mahi Aaja’s live performance have gone viral on social media rapidly. Hania Amir has also been seen at the concert.

Hania Amir has been spotted by fans seeing her shaking a leg with Asim Azhar’s live performance. It was an eye-catching moment for her fans. She has been seen so calm and not caring about the gossip mongers and backbiters for this act of her. Some people hooted her a lot and many did not miss any chance to make fun of her.

hania amir and asim azhar
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A video is rapidly circulating on social media in which the Janaan star can be seen dancing and singing to Asim Azhar’s songs at his concert.

‘Unbothered Queen’

Kudos to Hania Amir who doesn’t give a damn reply about what has happened to her and for not letting anything get to her. I see an untouchable woman. She also went to Ashir wajahat’s concert also and enjoyed both the concerts.

Salute to her for going to her ex’s concert and not giving any damn reply we love an unbothered queen. Meanwhile, a man decided to upload a video of her with Meerub. Maybe she realized that Asim is a gem and she wanted to go back and think of moving on. The two stars had a very public relationship and later had a very bad public breakup over the years.

Recently Hania Amir was previously caught up with Asim Azhar and they revealed their relationship status and opened up about his breakup and explained everything and now it’s the turn of their fans that they should give them some space and should allow them to heal their relationship.

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