‘Ye Wala Confidence Chahiye’- “Neray Aaa Zaalima way” Man Dance Goes Viral On Social Media For Funny Moves

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You have to have been to desi weddings as a Pakistani and you know how much our people love to dance. Weeks before the wedding, the rehearsal begins and they count for days before they eventually reach the floor and bewitch everyone watching them.

While many understand how to dance properly, others only want to go with the flow. There are people at the same time who have no idea what they are doing and just hit the dance floor. For the rest, you might imagine. Well, the same thing happened with this guy whose dance video appeared on social media recently.

It is not clear, however, in which category he falls because he seems to have rehearsed his dance movements, but at the same time he has no idea what he is doing… How about watching the dance video and categorizing yourself?

You’re going here!

So, what are you thinking? Either yay or nay? However, on social media, the video has gone viral, sending people into fits of laughter effortlessly.

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It seems that he lost it on the dance floor, literally, and went on to pull out his inner Madhuri. There’s no day like your wedding day, they claim, so enjoy it to the fullest. But it’s not even a wedding of his own, and yet he has resorted to utter hysteria. The video managed to garner lots of laughs and trolling, needless to say. Out of the woodwork, trolls came and made fun of the dancing man.

Some unsolicited comments have been left under the video by people

Looks like with his dance video, the social media users are having quite a field day. But give him, people, a break. Whatever he wants, let the guy enjoy the party, even if that means going nuts.

A big part of our society has been the wedding dance. Go to any wedding today, and there you will find a stage for dancing.

And just recently, Pakistani YouTuber Amna Riaz, a talented chef, also posted on her channel a video of her dancing with her husband. The couple looks very happy, dancing with all smiles to a slow tune. However, social media users found the video oddly amusing and trolled the bride pretty badly.