The News Reporter compared Uncovered women to an Unwrapped Toffee

toffee women
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Rape apologists come out of the woodwork by the view of leader Prime Minister Imran Khan. In our toxic society, rape victims are cursed for not hiding their bodies rather than accusing the rapist of death.

Moreover, women are considered as an object of sexual desires, not as a human. A disturbing video appeared on the internet in the continuing rape apology going on in Pakistan.


A reporter of PNN compared the women with an unwrapped toffee, he was holding a wrapped and an unwrapped toffee in his hands, giving an instance like if an unwrapped toffee is lying on the road, no one would pick it up as it would be full of germs and other viruses, but if a covered toffee is being found on the road, everyone will eat it because it is cleaned and it is protected from all the bacteria. He supported the PM view by giving this example.

Be it a toffee-analogy, many women got flared up and raised a question that not only women are raped, what about the boys in madrassa and the kitten on the road. Wasn’t the boys fully covered or should we clothe the animals too? Even the dead bodies aren’t safe in our society. How do you explain that?

Khan once again made rape apologist remarks in an interview with Jonathan Swan. When discussing sexual violence in Pakistan, PM Khan blatantly replied that rape is unavoidable if a woman isn’t fully covered. Moreover, he emphasized, “It is just common sense”.

Imran Khan further said that our society is way different from others as we don’t have discos and nightclubs. The way of life in Pakistan is completely different from others.

“So if you raise seduction in the society, all these guys have nowhere to go, it has consequences in the society,” he added.