University Of Sargodha Urdu Book discusses adultery about A Girl’s Body

university of sarghoda discusses girl's body
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Academic syllabus in Pakistan have remained a conundrum for a protracted. At times, you stumble upon a text that leaves you absolutely shocked, thinking, “how can this thing be written in the book?” Such a worst thing is written in the University of Sargodha’s part 1 Urdu guide book, features a chapter that discusses a boy’s encounter with a girl’s body.

Now it is such a worst thing to add in these educational textbooks. But the text highlighted, is extremely ‘adult’.

adult image of girls body to be shared by sarghoda university book
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This is what the text says:

“Do dharakti hui chaatiyan ek dum se numaya hogaieen.”

It further reads:

“Is ki tandrust chaatiyon (breasts) mein wahi gud-gudahat, wahi golai (roundness), wahi garam garam thandak thi…”

The text further continues with:

“Is ke barhayna badan (naked body) ki garmi is ke jisam mein aisi becheni paida kar rahi thi…”

“Us ki hr harkat saanson, honton (lips) aur haathon (hands) se teh horahi thi. Randhir ke haath Saari ki chaatiyon (breasts) per hath phirte rahay.

adult text-university of sarghoda

Moreover, the guy who was fonding the girl is been discussed further. The Urdu might be good in literature, but is this really necessary to teach urdu to our upcoming generation.

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The objectionable picture is trending on social media and people have been browsing it towards the University of Sargodha which has issued a book that describes a girl’s body in an adult manner.

The text is stated from a Manto writing. But today’s society cannot accept Manto writing, most important question which is raised is that, Can Manto really be a part of educational courses?

Previously, another textbook from Punjab was trending for openly promote hatred against the Baloch.

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