Sana Butt Sister of Hina Pervaiz Butt (Politician) leaked Video Call

Sana Butt Sister of Hina Pervaiz Butt (Politician) leaked Video Call, allegedly with Sher...

According to information, an alleged video call showing socialite Sana Butt (sister of the Punjab assembly's MPA Hina Pervaiz Butt) and PPP politician Lateef Khosa's son "Balakh Sher Khosa" is currently making social media rounds in Pakistan.
Veena Malik and asad Khattak

Veena Malik’s leaked Audio Call to husband Goes Viral & Served with 500 Million...

Asad Khattak, who is the husband of famous film actress Veena Malik, says he has divorced his wife and now she (Veena Malik) has kidnapped his children.
usman gohar manager faysal bank harassing

Manager Of Faysal Bank Caught Red-Handed Harassing A Female Employee, Video Gone Viral

Usman Gohar Bank Manager of Faysal Bank in F-10 Islamabad harassing female employee, caught red handed while someone is recording video. Is someone going...
Sonya hussyn bra control

‘Bra Hoti Hi Is liye hai k Ap Jesy body Scanners se Breast Chupaya...

"So what if it is visible?" Why is it a question for you? Basically,' Bra' is for body scanners like you to cover our breasts from you! ”
sandal khattak chulbuli exposed

Fresh video call from Sandal Khattak exposing the leaked viral video of TikTok star...

Recently, after her video call on Bigo Live went viral on social media in Pakistan, Sandal Khattak is once again in the headlines. Sandal Khattak can be seen in the viral video talking to some guy on Bigo's live video call.
Actress Meera naked back

Tauba Tauba! Meera On The Bed With Naked Back Latest Instagram Picture Shocked People

She posted a photo recently in which she appears to be sleeping in her room, and it seems as though she had a chocolate cake in her bed with a hot cup of coffee and a bouquet of roses.
جنسی زیادتی

نوکری کا جھانسہ اورمجبوری سےفائدہ اٹھا کر لڑکیوں کا جنسی زیادتی کرنے والےپکڑے گئے۔

نجی چینل کے پروگرام سرعام میں  میزبان اقرار الحسن نے  نوکری کے نام پر لڑکیوں کی مجبوریوں کا فائدہ اٹھاکر ان کی عزت اچھالنے والوں کو بے نقاب کردیا
master tiles and jalal sons wedding photos

200 Crore? FBR Asks Master Tiles To Explain The Big Fat Wedding. YE TO...

On Monday, The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) asked Master Tiles to justify the expenditures incurred at the biggest wedding.
babar azam #babarazam بابر اعظم

بابر اعظم پاکستان کرکٹر نے میرا اسقاط حمل کروایا، حامزہ لاہور کی لڑکی کے...

پاکستان کرکٹ ٹیم کے کپتان بابر اعظم کا نیا سکینڈل سامنے آگیا، ایک لڑکی جس کا تعلق لاہور سے ہے اور نام حامزہ  ہے، حامزہ نے بابر اعظم پر گندے الزامات عائد کر دئیے۔
Satisfy Karogi, Tou Job Milegi

Beastly Man Caught Assaulting A Poor Girl For Work On Video Saying ‘Satisfy Karogi,...

Satisfy Karogi, Tou Job Milegi. Such actions are also types of patriarchal violence, in which men exploit and use their status to oppress and frighten women.

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