What Color Is Your Aura? Let’s Find out.

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The word Aura is mainly used in spiritual beliefs in which means as part of hidden anatomy that reflects the state of being of a place or a person. An aura person gives off can define the characteristics and behavior.

What do you think? what kind of aura do you give off?

To portray an individual’s aura the most doddle way is to use colors. When you think of a person what color do you imagine they are? Just imagine a diamond with its radiating sparkles and the rare colors. hmm…lets find out what color is your aura.

Colorful aura


A color named after a flower which is a taint of red. Just solely thinking of the color pink you can feel some type of softness. A person in which the aura pink tends to care about others and is sensitive to hard topics.

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You seem caring cannot express yourself but you have created a world around yourself which is unbreakable with things you like.

People with pink auras can be a bit careless but they don’t have big consequences. You attract others without any effort just like a flower in the wild.


The blue indicates the simplicity in things. You like to have things mild around you not too spicy or exciting and not too boring. Just the right amount of everything and can adjust to any surroundings.

You often trust people easily and change your opinion if you need to. There are certain things you believe in and are never going to change your view on them.


There is a certain type of air around you that is kind of empowering like you can conquer things and do like you want to do without thinking about what others care or not. No one can know what you are even you tell them you’re like a key to all hidden doors.


Oooo…you are like bright sunlight walking on the grass on in a field on a swing laughing happily with all your friends standing around you. You can understand others easily and give them what they want.

You are kind of selfless but you do care about yourself because without you being happy you cant make others happy. If this is the case, your aura is yellow.


You like to keep doing things the simple way like reading books sitting beside the lake. You love yourself the way you are but you want to be something more and something appealing but no all the time.

Most of the time you tend to let go of yourself and play with animals and admire things around you. and you like being with yourself and not being overwhelmed by things.